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Physical Address,

P.O Box, 1551.

Mafubira Village,Jinja District



Abigail Children's Home is a Non-Governmental, Nonprofit making Community Based Organization for the prevention of starvation with Mirembe Abigail as the director. Abigail Children's Home partnership with Azusa Street Ministries runs with purpose of helping and working with the poorest people in need. Abigail Children's Home works with communities and stakeholders to promote behavioral change to improve health status of the community, protecting, helping and feeding orphans and vulnerable children to enhance development projects of poverty alleviation. Alongside the poverty eradication program. Abigail Children's Home runs other programs for instance; Community care, Children Rights Protection, HIV/AIDS awareness and providing Supplementary Relief Food Distribution, clothing and other assistants to HIV affected people and other vulnerable people with disabilities.



Abigail Children's Home was founded in 2012 by Pastor Kasoga Peter in Iganga district before being re-named to Abigail Children's Home by Mother Mirembe Abigail in 2019. Pastor Kasoga Peter kept and fed over 20 orphans at the church premises. This is where Mother Mirembe Abigail grew up from and later when she grew up, and she got married to the son of Pastor Kasoga Peter. Unfortunately Pastor Kasoga Peter died in November 2013 due to HIV/AIDS and his son took over the responsibilities with the organization and the works of the church as well. Sadly just a period of 2 years Mother Abigail's husband/pastor's son also died due to HIV/AIDS in December 2015 and mother Abigail was left to carry on with the woks of the organization and taking care of these orphans in Iganga district. In early January 2021. Mother Abigail changed the premises of the organization from Iganga district to Jinja City due to increased tensions from the rape cases to Mother Abigail from landlord where the organization was renting by then. 

Later on we shared ideas about sharing Abigail Children's Home missions and visions online with the world to raise awareness of the works of the organization. In September 2020, DAVID DUNN the founder and president of Azusa Street Ministries positively replied to the mission of ACH and since then Abigail Children's Home has been with Azusa Street Ministries in different aspects in positively impacting the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. Abigail Children's Home in partnership and help from Azusa Street Ministries we also provide 15 orphans and abandoned children with a safe and loving home.


Through our orphanage home. Abigail Children's Home offers orphaned and abandoned children a family and a loving home with mother care and support them in a safe environment where their needs for food, education, health care shelter are met. Also we help strengthen vulnerable families with basic needs. Currently majority of the children living at Abigail Children's Home have lost their parents and relatives as a result of wars, accidents, HIV/AIDS, etc. Mostly our objective is to first provide them with basics of living: Food, Water, Sanitation and Housing. We also hope to provide educational opportunities: School, Social interaction, and Religious Education, all within an emotionally safe environment.


  • Providing a safe place of residence for the children who have lost their parents and relatives, those who were abandoned and mistreated, Currently we are having 15 children as we have a vision to increase on the numbers of the orphaned and vulnerable children from streets.

  • With the support from Azusa Street Ministries, Abigail Children's Home provides food, basic health care and clothing for the children under our care.

  • Sponsorship of children's education through our project, including provision of books and pens for the children we provide and cater education service to is children home.

  • Providing and counseling and awareness raising about HIV/AIDS and children's rights.

  • Free rural community outreach development programs i.e. supplementary relief food distributions to HIV affected people and vulnerable people with disabilities in the rural remote villages.

  • free medical outreach program in the community to the vulnerable people in the remote villages.

At Abigail Children's Home, we are committed to the development and implementation of comprehensive care to homeless, street children, widows and youth in the communities in Uganda. Despite all the successes of Abigail Children's Home with Azusa Street Ministries, the future is now on and we have a number of challenges that really jeopardize some of the programs listed above and there are different sections; like food provisions, medical supplies, sponsoring a child etc. that you can get in touch and we shall be grateful for the cooperation and company with us to restore hope, faith, love and better education for the children who lost parents and relatives as a result of wars, HIV/AIDS in Uganda, East Africa.


On 24th October, 2020 during our program implementation of rural community relief outreach in Iganga district, we found Nabeta Christopher a disabled boy who was abandoned by his parents and dumped in a sugarcane plantation bush. Christopher's parents neglected and abandoned him with a ritual saying that they don't give birth to disabled children in their family clan.


Christopher was rescued by a Good Samaritan who was passing by the bush and took him to the near police station; and was relocated to his grandmother who had nothing but love him instead. Christopher's brain was severely damaged during birth time. Christopher's mother gave birth without any assistance from the doctors or nurses and she delayed in delivering out Christopher and his severely damaged his brain from babyhood.

At Nine Months old Christopher started getting sick and Christopher lacked medical attention by the time and he started becoming disabled with a cerebral damage that left his hands and legs very immobile and with his poor grandmother wasn't able to provide any help or relief for Christopher's life for 10 years and this left Christopher's spinal cord severely damaged, his hands and legs being immobile and with this all Christopher hasn't stood nor walked in his entire life as eats using his mouth not hands.

In October 2020 was found in a bad situation as he used to stay and sleep on the floor/mud grounds for all day to day, but ever since we found him, his entire life positively changed. With the support from David Dunn President at Azusa Street Ministries we have created different strategies  in  making Christopher's future bright. We got a doctor who examine his life mostly with affected immobile bones and he provides techniques to always carry on with body moving exercises with hope that we can see him standing and walking one day.

With Azusa Street Ministries his life has been transformed to a promising future. In November 2020 we bought a wheelchair for Christopher and other basic requirements like bed, mattress, bed cover, bed sheets etc. and we also provided with him all the requirements he needs in life.

Abigail Children's Home gives great thanks to David Dunn President of Azusa Street Ministries towards the contribution and support to the orphans and vulnerable children under our care. All the projects and missions could not have been a success without Azusa Street Ministries.

Feeding kids  At Abigail Children's Hom
  1. Azusa Street Ministry realized support to buy food  for  the  children  of 15 kids under our care.

Education At Abigail Children's Home
  1. Under Azusa Street Partnership we have been able to generate Education  sponsorship, that helped  to pay  school fees  for  two  children.

  2. Azusa Street Ministry with their support helps us to be able to pay  school fees  for  one  child  and  books. so far and we are hoping many to join. 

Mother Abigail At Abigail Children's Home
  1. Helping elders in the community.  It was  positively started by the support of Azusa Street Ministry.  



Position : Director At  ABIGAIL CHILDREN'S HOME

Tel: +256 786 387 093 / +256 707 055 911


Jinja, Uganda, East Africa.


The  board  of  new  Abigail Childre's Home highly  appreciate  your  kind  support  to our  organization   and  has  really  helped  to  realize  our  care  objectives.  We  commit  ourselves  to few cooperation  and  partnership for the  challenges  of  children  needs  in  Uganda especially  vulnerable  and  orphaned children  Is  also huge  that  no single  individual  or organizations can effectively  address  without  a  concerted  effort.    

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