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About Us

AZUSA STREET MINISTRIES is a Non-profit Organization working to help, protect and provide orphans, hopeless and vulnerable children, youth & adults who are homeless, HIV affected and those living in slums, poor and remote places in Uganda. Due to a number of various reasons among which include Domestic Violence, wide spread HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, child labor, unemployment, family instabilities, the recent covid19 global pandemic and political reasons, lots of children in Uganda have ended up as orphans, street children, drug addicts with no hope for a better tomorrow.

it is on this background that the AZUSA STREET MINISTRIES was formed with a major aim of transforming the lives of those people affected by the above. Firstly by providing them with the basic needs of life which include; food, water, sanitation, and shelter. We also hope to provide educational opportunities through building schools, social interaction, medical services and religious education, all within a clean and a safe environment. Happiness, peace and Stability for those affected is our number one priority.



To transform lives of the under previlaged


to lend a hand to save the future generation through our different projects


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Promote social responsibility , protection, food security, education, & public health programs.

Board of Directors


David Dunn, President

Sonia Pence, Secretary

Name, Tresurer

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