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Physical Address,

P.O Box, 14601.

Bugerere, Kayunga District.



I am Evangelist Namata Nakyanzi Prossy, and director / founder serving under Evangelism And Care Ministries from Uganda. Am an overseer of 14 churches in Bugerere, Kayunga district. We preach the gospel of Gods' kingdom allover earth preparing people for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

We help all categories of people for example orphans, needy children, youth, widows and the elderly many more as possible.


Many wonder how I came to be responsible for the 14 churches, which were started by my own biological father Reverend James Kibira. In 2005 my father fell ill and he lost energy to oversee the churches he had earlier on started. I am glad that when my father brought me to this world, he wanted me always to engage and be part of Christ's work and could always encourage me at a young age. Before him getting sick he made sure that I learn all  about these 14 branches under him In name of  Full Gospel Churches. Then after him passing away automatically I had to take over the overseeing role after being led by the spirit in 2010, then in 2015 I started my own ministry which is Evangelism and Care Ministry. But starting my own, it was also a calling from God but good news is as if I started my own way in Christ the overseeing responsibility is still moving on very well as I still continue my father's role and mine too through Evangelism And Care Ministries is also going along, we thank God for that. The main branch of full Gospel churches / Headquarter is located in Nanyuki Village, other branches are located Wabwoko Village, Kibuzi Village, Busana Village, Magolo Village, Nampanyi Village, Nangabo Village, Nakivubo Village, Tweyagalile Village, kyetume Village, Bisaka Village, Kisaba Village, Nyundo Village, Namusala Village, those are all branch churches under Full Gospel Churches all located in Kayunga District, Bugerere. 


After Starting Evangelism And Care Ministries, We moved on preaching the gospel helping the needy while struggling. We used to move on barefoot going to different places to preach the gospel. Then God miraculously connected me with his faithful servant David Dunn in 2017 president at Azusa Street Ministries, who has been more than a blessing to our ministry Evangelism And Care Ministries.

David Dunn president at Azusa Street Ministries has stood with us in many various ways, for example he has facilitated my transport on a weekly basis therefore making it easy for me to move to all our churches on a basis.

David Dunn president at Azusa Street Ministries is helping with the 55 needy children with providing for them with food, school fees and in so many other ways.

I and David have been able to organize Christmas parties every year since we got in touch for 600 children.

Every year we have been able to organize revival crusades and conferences. We have also been able to organize a youth conference every year in the month of May.

Future Plans

1. I and David Dunn are planning to see that all the 14 churches that I oversee are rebuilt in permanent structures.

2. We also plan to construct a school for the needy children, health center plus boreholes for the community.

Ways of achieving the above feature goals

1. Fundraising

2. Through donors

3. Through agricultural projects like piggery, poultry and crop growing etc.

Preaching The Gospel At Evangelism And Care Ministries

Our main goal is to preach the gospel around the world person to person, in order to save hundreds of people from the judgement day of the coming back of Jesus Christ as he promised us. With Azusa Street Ministries partnering with us we are putting hands together with all the support they give towards us to make sure that the gospel is heard mainly here in our country Uganda and around the world. As more people are joining in to our struggle we wish you can also join to the family. Probably experience the work of God we do and part of our life time preaching the gospel in the pictures below.

Helping The Needy At Evangelism And Care Ministries

As we preach out the Gospel to our lovely neighbors, peoples in our community, kids and elderly. We also think about their way of living as many in our village are poor people. They sometimes can't feed by themselves and being financially unstable. Plus giving children education and parent care they deserve isn't available in most of our communities so we take part by giving a supportive hand in all we can as long as you join us today. Here we come in and stand with them while preaching we know that no one can listen to what we preach for example when they are sick, hungry, without clothing and having problems at home. So here we call every person reading this to join us we know its  not easy but like is about sacrificing for the future think about how they will be in future if you don't want to engage with the poor or needy.

So below is our experience as we try to help stand with the needy sometimes enjoy the pictures below.


Name: Namata Nakyanzi Prossy

Position : Evangelist and Director At  Evangelism And Care Ministries 

Tel: +256 789 945 305 / +256 751 253 440


Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.


The  board  of Evangelism And Care Ministries  highly  appreciate  your  kind  support  to our  organization   and  has  really  helped  to  realize  our  care  objectives.  We  commit  ourselves  to few cooperation  and  partnership for the  challenges  of  children  needs  in  Uganda especially  vulnerable  and  orphaned children  Is  also huge  that  no single  individual  or organizations can effectively  address  without  a  concerted  effort.    

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