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Physical Address,

P.O Box, 9642.

Bunyumya Village, Jinja District.

Kampala, Uganda. 


*About Us
Welcome! Home of good hope is a Community Based Organization working to help and protect orphans and vulnerable children, those who are homeless, street children, youths and HIV affected groups of widows who are living in very poor desperate conditions in remote villages of eastern Uganda. Many have no hope for their future. Home of good hope is a home for children who have lost their parents and relatives as a result of war and HIV/AIDS. Most of our orphans are victims of the civil war, their parents having been killed or declared missing from the conflict. 

Our objective is to first provide them with the basics of living: food, water, sanitation, and housing. We also hope to provide educational opportunities: school, social interaction, and religious education, all within an emotionally safe environment. Our children have suffered many traumas and providing stability and peace to these innocent victims of civil conflict is our priority.

At Home of good hope we are committed to the development and implementation of a comprehensive care model for orphaned and abandoned children who are homeless, widows and youth in communities in eastern Uganda. The name home of good hope represents the depth and breadth of what we do. This name demonstrates our commitment to comprehensive care for all the orphans children, youths and widows who are suffering in the eastern Uganda. We see a child’s ability to share and fulfill their abilities and passions as a blessing to the world and we work to support and enable each child’s transition to a life of hope and empowerment.
Home of good hope is a non partisan, none profit making Community Based Organization, registered under jinja District Local Government Community Service Department. Found with the purpose of helping and working with children and young people who are in needs. 

Home of good hope acts an umbrella organization, supporting a range of locally based projects. The programmatic focus of home of good hope Uganda is to unite people together for social change, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, to provide emergency relief to children and families in desperate need, to seek educational sponsorship for children and to improve livelihoods, health and sanitation in the local community. Home of good hope also supports widows and vulnerable young women, including those suffering from HIV/AIDS, through counseling and awareness raising outreach work. Home of good hope Uganda has a vision to empower communities to make lasting change and improvement in their lives and the lives of children, youth and people with disabilities to successfully realize a brighter future.

Key areas of work:
Providing a safe place of residence for children who have lost their parents and relatives as a result of war and HIV/AIDS in eastern Uganda
Providing food, basic healthcare and clothing for children under our care 
Sponsorship of children’s education through our project , including provision of books and pens for the children
providing counseling and awareness raising about HIV/AIDS and children’s rights

Currently, home of good hope is still a very young Community Based Organization and does not receive any funding, only one-off donations. It is entirely run by volunteers, headed it's Managing Directors and the founder of home of good hope. Home of good hope is based at a small office located 3 miles outside of jinja town. since registering as a CBO (Community Based Organization) in 2017. Home of good hope has established a competent Board of Directors, a standard CBO constitution, established the office and registered 213 beneficiaries in the surrounding community. At present Home Of Good Hope is directly taking care of 20 young children who living with HIV positive their age is between 2 to 16, old age group of widows most of them are living with HIV/AIDS, 100 group of child mothers and we are also taking care of 45 orphans children at home of good hope Home and others in the outreach, providing shelter and food for them in two small rented building

Major Problems we are facing: Despite of the above successes, home of good hope still has a lot of challenges to encounter: we have a number of Challenges that really jeopardize some of the programs listed below are the major Challenges we are facing at the moments.

Urgent Needs:  
Lack of food for feeding children under our cares
Lack of medical supplies and money for health checks 
Lack of sleeping items; beds, blankets, bed sheets, mattresses, and mosquito nets
Lack of clothing and shoes for the children
Insufficient Money for paying our children *

Kid's At Home Of Hope

Studies have consistently shown that orphanage care often exposes children to serious harm, neglect and abuse, can seriously impact a child’s physical and psychological development, and is often much.

AIDS and other diseases, armed conflict, natural disasters, forced displacement and extreme poverty leave millions of children orphaned, separated, or on the brink of family breakdown.

Moments With Our At Home Of Hope

​Orphans, or the young children who have lost both their parents to death, and have been left to fend for themselves are truly among the most vulnerable in our society. Even worse are the children who have been abandoned by their parents, forced to live the life of orphans despite having living parents. As young kids, most people enjoy the privilege of being nurtured, loved, and cared for by their mother and father—a luxury denied to the orphans who struggle to rebuild their young lives without any parental support.