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Physical Address,

P.O Box, 36149.

Luyira Village, Mayuge District.




Compassionate Children’s Hope Ministry Uganda  is a charitable organization helping 60  vulnerable children go through school and have a better living while learning the Gospel and by the Lord's grace we are also able to look after 30 elderly widows in their respective homes.
The plight of the children before they came to the organization was so devastating that some of them would barely afford a meal a day. Some of the girls were molested by their caretakers and we have a story of one of the girls that escaped being raped by a step father. Many of them would not go to school due to fees problems and those that went would not complete a term as fees would not be paid fully. One of the guardians (grandmother) had given up due to a lot of accumulated fees balances and the young boy had been sent to the streets to roast maize and get an income to help the family survive.

We were issued with a certificate of operation and a working permit by the Mayuge district Local government as a Community based organization in 2019 and Later renewed it in 2021.  
We seriously need support as majority of our funders withdrew due the COVID-19 pandemic effects. This has negatively impacted on the support and the income to support is not now reliable which keeps the hopes and dreams of the children and the entire CCHMU in doubt.
ü  The organization has identified land (3 acres) about 3km from the current Orphanage premise. This land needs to be purchased to set up a permanent home for the CCHMU children Home and offices.  
ü  We have also sought it fit to hire services of 4 permanent workers to ensure proper running of the activities. The volunteers seem not to be more efficient and we need urgently:- A security guard, a counselor, Caterers and a Caretaker.We also need an organization van to enable transport at the organization where by sometime we get difficult taking children to hospital especially at night as hospitals are a bit far from the organization ,and even reaching out to those children outside the orphanage is hard sometimes

I.                 MISSION
Compassionate Children’s Hope Ministry Uganda was established in year 2017 by Kisakye Hellen with the major aim of supporting the vulnerable children socially, academically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Through joint efforts and support we have grown in orphan service.
We follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.
Compassionate Children’s Hope Ministry Uganda ensures the well being of orphaned children and widows facing welfare problems and from this our aim is to reach all kinds of vulnerable and including HIV/AIDS afflicted people in both rural and urban communities through various avenues and means.
We thank everyone who visits our site, and we ask God to bless those ones who stand with us in difficult times especially those who pray for us and those who are willing to support us may the lord bless you all.
II.                PURPOSE AND SCOPE
We as Compassionate Children’s Hope Ministry Uganda   stand here specifically for children and widows.
Our intentions to cooperate are to position ourselves quite well for support of this group of people.
And we do this purposely because of our experiences and background that have been tear shading. 
Tough academic background, grime childhood experiences of no guidance, poor medical care, inadequate basic needs and unseen parental love and care, all these have shown no signs of their exodus in this generation and the future thereafter. This so demands our immediate direct intervention. 
Our work all through has been amidst inadequate resources and funding. This however has limited our works and expectations and has to some extent delayed the attainment of our set objectives. 
This step taken to work with you   will open up more opportunities for the betterment of the children and widows.
The children will benefit through education support, basic needs, counseling and guidance and general welfare.
The widows will benefit in various ways among which include;
Medical care and income settlement and stability.  
We therefore wish to open up to you for support in every aspect as improve the lives of these vulnerable groups of people. Thanking you in anticipation  
Future plans 
-         Establish an income generating project for the organization
-         Construct a fully equipped home for children.
-         Widen volunteer and donor base to support the organization.

Kid's Feeding At CCHMU

Compassionate Children’s Hope Ministry Uganda  have 60 children all school going. Of the 60 children 25 are Residents and the 35 are non residents. The needs available for the CCHMU are:- Fees for the children, feeding, medical expenses, Rent, clean water  and other running bills as indicated in the Budget.

Benefits of feeding on children and adolescents include alleviating hunger, reducing micronutrient deficiency and anemia, preventing overweight and obesity, improving school enrollment and attendance, increasing cognitive and academic performance, and contributing to gender equity in access to education

Tailoring At CCHMU

Tailoring is the art of designing, cutting, fitting, and finishing clothes. The word tailor comes from the French tailor, to cut, and appears in the English language during the fourteenth century.

In the pictures you can see we were donated a tailoring machine from Azusa Street Ministries from the love of David Dunn the president at the moment to the ministry.

we keep on producing our own cloths and we keep hustling teaching them tailoring skills so as they grow up having different skills.

Moments At CCHMU

COMPASSIONATE CHILDREN’S HOPE MINISTRY UGANDA have also embarked at a project of supporting the HIV positives that can’t support themselves especially in feeding. We picked interest when at one time we rescued a malnourished man who was at the edge of death. To date, the man is happily surviving and is now working as any other normal person. In the entire community, the children are most affected because besides being innocent they are also ignorant of the tricky world in which they live. They so much need guidance and counseling almost in all things they do. They cannot be left to stand alone lest they just gamble through the world and their destiny shall be left only at the mercies of luck. We have offered to be the bridge for these children as they walk through their destiny and we need supporting partners to enable us do so efficiently.

Education At CCHMU

Lack of consistent and adequate funding for the organization.        

Lack of a permanent residence for the children

Inadequate scholastic materials, beddings and clothing for the children.        

Late school fees payment and debts that have hindered the children’s performance.

Working with local educational institutions, parents and local nonprofit charities, we support and follow each student's progress throughout the school year

So returning to school needs not only the money for school fees, but also career guidance and self-confidence boosting support to help them to succeed.

It helps us achieve the best results possible in everything we do. Education ... Education Support Center raise awareness among people in our community